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If You Have One Of These 20 Names You’re More Likely To Be Adventurous, According To A New Study

If You Have One Of These 20 Names You’re More Likely To Be Adventurous, According To A New Study

I can’t explain to you why this is, but there are some names that make me assume certain things about the owner. For example, ‘Brad’ clearly goes to Thailand to spend the whole time getting trashed at full moon parties with his beefcake mates, then spends the next year telling everyone how funny it was — don’t come for me Brad’s.

Obviously, I’m pulling these assumptions out of my arse and have nothing but the tiniest of person experiences to back it up.

Intrepid travel company, Undiscovered Destinations, has put a little more effort into finding out which names are most likely to be fans of rugged travel adventures, though. They’ve analysed over 1500 reviews TripAdvisor reviews of the world’s most adventurous travel experiences to discover which names pop up the most.

Of course, we have to take this with a grain of salt. As you’ll see from the results, these are all super common Western names, so it makes sense there’d be more of them. Also this is only the group of people who visit, and then feel compared to write a review about it — a thing that I love them for so I can get tips for my trip, but many more people visit without reviewing.

Still though, there’s nothing like a fun little bragging right, and it seems that Chris and Jan have it. Jan making the top of the list particularly surprises me, but that’s probably because I grew up with “not happy Jan” on the TV. Maybe Jan actually quit her job and was just running off for an adventure.

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At any rate, travellers — scour the top 20 most adventurous names list below and see if you rate.

  1. Chris
  2. Jan
  3. Michael
  4. Daniel
  5. Peter
  6. John
  7. Steve
  8. Andy
  9. Paul
  10. James
  11. Mark
  12. Alex
  13. Rob
  14. Jon
  15. Sarah
  16. Joe
  17. Maria
  18. Susan
  19. Adam
  20. Simon

I’d just like to point out that Brad still didn’t make the cut, probably because he was too busy getting turnt at a Thai full moon party.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Doran Erickson)

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