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Australia Has Its Own Cheese Rolling Competition

Australia Has Its Own Cheese Rolling Competition

Gouda Lord! Thredbo is hosting a cheese rolling competition this weekend and it’s just as odd and delicious as it sounds.

Thredbo Wine and Cheese Festival (3)

You’ve heard of cheese rolling, right? That weird festival attraction that brings thousands of people to wee ol’ Cooper’s Hill in England for an afternoon of cheese rolling and… people falling down hills. Arguably the UK’s weirdest pastime, cheese rolling involves a single wheel of cheese being thrown from the top of the steep hill, and players falling down the hill after it. Broken limbs and ambulances await the participants at the bottom – and now us Aussies can get in on the action too.

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Australia’s only cheese rolling competition is coming to the high country – and it’s set to be grate (sorry) day. While Thredbo’s event won’t be as intense as its UK counterpart, participants will get to chase a wheel of delicious King Island Cheese down Mt Kosciuszko in the hopes of winning a stack of prizes. It’s all part of Thredbo’s High Country Wine and Cheese Festival that kicks off on Saturday April 9.

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Alongside this esteemed event, there’s also be a throw of great wines and cheeses to enjoy, live music as well as a progressive food tour through five of Thredbo’s top dining establishments. De-lish.

If you’re keen on taking part in this cheesy downhill sprint, be sure to register and bring a helmet. There’s even a bunch of weekend packages available, with prices starting at $85. You’ll surely have a gouda time (sorry).

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