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5 Of The Most Breathtaking Spots In The Kimberley

5 Of The Most Breathtaking Spots In The Kimberley

The Kimberley in the northern part of Western Australia is one of our country’s untouched paradises. Adventurer Ella Marais is lucky enough to call the Kimberley home, so who better to share their most breathtaking spots in the region than her?

The hardest thing about visiting the Kimberley is the bit where you have to leave. It’s a part of the world like no other; you can be driving through some of the most barren and deserted parts of country and then find yourself in a tropical paradise surrounded by the most incredible palm trees and freshwater swimming holes.


From its stunning coastline that’s so untouched that your footprints will be the first to mark the sand (apart from maybe a few turtle tracks), to endless Outback landscapes and waterfalls that’ll leave you in awe of the fact that all these locations are within the same region of Western Australia – it’s hard to pick just five spots that are my favourite because the list is honestly endless.

#1 Bell Gorge

bell gorge, the kimberley, kimberley

This is Bell Gorge. It’s located in the King Leopold Ranges just off the Gibb River Road and is approximately 400 kilometres east of Broome. To give you a bit of perspective, if there was someone standing at the top of those cascades, they would be looking rather ant like in comparison to my feet. This gorge is such a beautiful spot to swim with an easy two kilometre bush walk in from the car park. There’s also a natural infinity pool at the top of the waterfall to enjoy.

#2 Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle, the kimberley, kimberley
(Photo: Kimberleyspirit/Instagram)

You may not be close to the ocean in the East Kimberley town of Kununurra, but there’s an inland sea about 45 minutes away. Lake Argyle is an incredible place to explore and is Western Australia’s largest freshwater lake.


Stand-up paddle boarding out there is one of my favourite things to do, as it’s a paradise for water sports. It’s impossible to justify the beauty and serenity of this place.  

#3 Zebedee Springs

Zebedee, the kimberley, kimberley
(Photo: Kimberleyspirit/Instagram)

This enchanting spot is located in the El Questro Wilderness Park, which is an hour drive from Kununurra. Its crystal clear thermal waters and tropical surroundings make Zebedee Springs the perfect place to spend the morning relaxing. There are a number of pools that you can choose from that come down from the cliff where the natural spring flows. The water temperature is a blissful 28-32 degrees year round and the water is as clear as the air we breathe.

#4 Echidna Chasm

Echidna, the kimberley, kimberley
(Photo: Kimberleyspirit/Instagram)

Echidna Chasm – where do I begin? I’ve never been much of a geology fan but this place will blow your mind. It’s located in the World Heritage Listed Purnululu National Park and is just one of many incredible geographical landmarks you can experience out there.

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Watching the light change the colour of the walls as the sun lines up overhead is indescribable. Parts of the walk into the chasm are only a couple of metres wide but over 250 metres high.

#5 Cable Beach

Camels, the kimberley, kimberley

The place to be for sunset in Broome is down at Cable Beach. There’s 22 kilometres of it so you’ll be guaranteed a spot to watch the iconic camel train pass by. During the day, you’ll be sure to see its stunning turquoise waters and pindan (red soil) cliffs. I have never been disappointed with a sunset on this beach. As the sun begins to fall below the horizon, it’s magical to watch the sand light up with the sky and change colour.

(Lead image: El Questro Gorge. KimberleySpirit/Instagram. Other images are author’s own.)

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