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The Best 5 European Cities To Live In As A Young Person

The Best 5 European Cities To Live In As A Young Person

Us young people can be very picky about the places we choose to settle down. After all, there’s a lot to consider in an ideal city. Internet speed, club culture, the amount of Apple stores for us to run to in an emergency.

German apartment search engine Nestpick has collated all the things that attract young people to a city and has ranked them according to prevalence. Type of housing, frequency of festivals, access to contraception and healthcare, gender equality, transport, Wi-Fi and how LGBTQI+ friendly a city is has all been considered in the ranking, along with a whole lot of other variables (food and beer) that will naturally attract people to a city.

These are the cities that came out on top:

#1 Amsterdam pexels-photo-177166

No surprise that one of the most progressive cities in Europe has nabbed the first spot on the list. With a ranking of 10/10 for LGBTQI+ friendliness, an 8/10 for gender equality and 8.9/10 in startup culture, this is the most inclusive and dynamic place for young people to be.

#2 Berlin

Employment may be low at a worrying 2/10, but a young person living in Berlin can be proud of the city’s 9/10 score in gender equality, and 10/10 nightlife scene. While you might struggle to find a job, you’ll be a having a fun time while you’re doing it. Long live Berlin.

#3 Munich


While the first two cities gain a whole lot in the way of progressiveness and fun, Munich gives us young folk the best chance young people have of snagging a job. The startup and employment score are an impressive 9.4 and 9.2 out of 10, respectively. And while their Wi-Fi could do with a little work, their transport is fantastic, scoring 9.5/10.

#4 Lisbon


Lisbon is a city any young person would be happy to live in solely due to its endless pops of colour and winding alleyways. And while jobs for young people are pretty scarce, you certainly can guarantee a damn fine beer and a delicious meal to match. Lisbon scored 8.9/10 for its beer and 8.8/10 for its food. It also scored 8.3/10 for festivals to attend, with a score of 8.3/10 for the transport systems to get you there.

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#5 Antwerp


Rounding out the top 5 is Antwerp and for the most “digital millennial” reasons you could think of. It’s a very student-friendly city and scored an 8.3/10 for Wi-Fi and an 8.4/10 for the number of Apple stores. Us youths really do love our computers, huh?

Along with being seamlessly connected day in and day out, young people living in Antwerp can also expect an excellent night out (8/10) and a good amount of festivals to attend (7.6/10) every now and then.

Want to explore the most youth friendly cities in Europe? You can.

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