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This Walrus Fell Asleep On An Arctic Iceberg And Woke Up Over 4000 Kms Away In Ireland

This Walrus Fell Asleep On An Arctic Iceberg And Woke Up Over 4000 Kms Away In Ireland

Ireland was all abuzz yesterday after a big old walrus was spotted all alone climbing ashore on Valentia Island — one of the country’s most westerly points. Why was it such a big deal? Because his species lives in the North Pole, not Ireland.

The giant walrus — apparently the size of a dairy cow — was first spotted by five-year-old Muireann Houlihan and her dad Alan on the Kerry coast.

“We thought it was a seal first, but then it breached out of the water and hauled itself up on to the rock. We saw these massive tusks and it was a huge animal,” Alan told RTE. “We couldn’t believe it. It was like a cow or a bull coming out of the sea”.

The part that truly gets me about all this, though, is that according to, local experts believe that the Arctic creature likely got there after falling asleep on an iceberg that carried him across the Atlantic ocean.

If this isn’t the most ‘me’ thing I’ve ever heard and a 2020/21 mood, I don’t know what is. Just needing to take a little nap, thinking you’ve found a cosy corner to do so, and BOOM, more trouble.

As one would imagine after such a long journey, National Parks and Wildlife Service ranger and marine biologist William Hunt told RTE that the animal was hungry and tired upon arrival.

“He looked exhausted and fairly emaciated. Hopefully, he is out looking for food, foraging for invertebrates and shellfish. We have plenty of scallop here in the harbour. But we don’t know what condition it’s in or if it’s capable of doing that. It’s also a possibility that it may have left the harbour and moved along the coast”.

Hopefully the poor little (very big) guy finds all the food he needs to re-energize and can catch an iceberg right back home again.

(Lead image: Tiwtter/ @OSullivanJennie/ Alan Houlihan)

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