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This Aquarium Threw A Birthday Party For Its Otters & It’s Absolutely The Cutest

This Aquarium Threw A Birthday Party For Its Otters & It’s Absolutely The Cutest

Shedd Aquarium Threw A Birthday Party For Two Otters And It's So Cute

Remember two months ago when penguins ran wild in Shedd Aquarium after it closed because of coronavirus? You might not, because it feels like two years have passed since then, but that’s okay, because the aquarium has just outdone itself by throwing a birthday party for two of its otters.

While the rest of us are having virtual parties and mailing gifts to our loved ones, Cooper and Watson the otters had their very own party to celebrate their first birthdays.

“Happy first birthday, Cooper and Watson!” the aquarium wrote in a video shared to Twitter.

“We don’t know the exact birth date of these two rescued otter pups, but we estimate Cooper (foraging in the toy pool) was born around 27 April and Watson (munching on a frozen treat) around 6 May.”

The aquarium went all out for these two pups. There’s a pool full of toys, frozen treats, and lots of happy birthday vibes from the handlers and people online who fell in love with Cooper and Watson.

The otters were rescued at a young age after being found alone and in bad shape, and have since become BFFs.

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The aquarium in Chicago has been busy since temporarily closing due to social distancing restrictions. Handlers have been organising all sorts of cute adventures for the animals, including one of the original stars, Wellington the rockhopper penguin.

If you need more of this cute overload, head to their Facebook or Twitter for more animal videos. They’re honestly the celebs we need right now.

Happy birthday Cooper and Watson!

(Lead image: Shedd Aquarium / Twitter)

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