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Run, Don’t Walk: The Iconic Is Having Another 50% Off Flash Sale For Shoes

Run, Don’t Walk: The Iconic Is Having Another 50% Off Flash Sale For Shoes

The Iconic Is Having A One Day-Only 50% Off Flash Sale For Shoes

The Iconic has been having flash sale after flash sale during iso which is, depending on how you look at it, a blessing or a curse on your wallet. We hope it’s a blessing, because they’re having another huge 50 percent off sale today for shoes.

Shoes! Ace brands like Camilla and Marc, Tony Bianco, TOPSHOP, Cult Gaia and Jeffery Campbell will be going out the door for half price today only.

The flash sale launches at 12pm on Thursday, May 7 and will run until 4pm. That’s four hours to get as many half price shoes as can possibly fit in your wardrobe.

Better not leave it till the last minute though. Every woman and her dog will want to get in on this sale, so it’s safe to assume the 500 pairs of new season must-have heels will get snapped up real quick.

The deals won’t appear on The Iconic until the sale starts at 12pm, so here are some of the top picks to help you decide early.

Honestly, this sale couldn’t have come at a better time. Knowing you have a new pair of killer heels to wear the day you make your triumphant return to the outside world makes *all this* so much more bearable.

And hey, with all this talk about $19 domestic flights in the near(ish, but who really knows?) future, we might be due for a luggage overhaul as well. July has just released a new line of carry-all luggage, which is perfect for your daily travels.

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Shop the entire 50 percent off sale at The Iconic when it kicks off at 12pm.

(Lead image: Mohammad Metri / Unsplash)

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