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This App Finds The Most Hipster Neighbourhood In Any City

This App Finds The Most Hipster Neighbourhood In Any City

So you’ve just arrived in a brand new city and every one of your senses are alight – new locations, new experiences and new friends are all on the horizon. But funnily enough, you find yourself missing juices served in artisanal mason jars, food served on anything but plates and the smell of freshly ground coffee. You might even miss the occasional man bun or two.

So thank goodness this brand new app is here to save the day. It’s called Where Is Williamsburg? and it’ll find you the hipster hub of any city in the world.

Three guesses where Melbourne’s most hipster suburb is… Photo: Naked For Satan/Facebook

Remember last year when Williamsburg was named ‘The World’s Most Hipster Neighbourhood’ by the UK Telegraph? Well, that reputation certainly isn’t going away fast. Williamsburg is hipster mecca, littered with cool bars, restaurants and shops – things that make any neighbourhood worth visiting.

As the app description puts it: “Have you ever left Brooklyn and felt out of place? Or live in another city but want to know which neighbourhood is the most like Williamsburg? Fear no more, ‘Where is Williamsburg?’ is your handy guide to the Williamsburg of every city. Built on data curated by other people exactly like you, this app will ensure that you never end up too far from home.”

After determining your location, the app points you towards the hippest neighbourhood in your city. If you disagree, you can make your own suggestion. For example in Melbourne, it’s the laneway kingdom of Fitzroy. In Sydney, Surry Hills wins the trophy.

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The rest of the world is there too: Gulou in Beijing, Oberkampf in Paris, Kreuzberg in Berlin, Woodstock in Cape Town and Roma Norte in Mexico City were all voted as being the most “hipster” suburb in their neighbourhood.

You download the app here. Be warned though – it’s a little addictive.

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