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NYC Introduces Pizza Box Made Of Pizza

NYC Introduces Pizza Box Made Of Pizza

When you think of NYC food, you think of pizza. The dollar slice is synonymous with the metropolis, with servings large enough to defeat you. Well, an NYC pizzeria has just stepped up the game – they’ve made a pizza box made from pizza.

Good god.

You’ll find this marvellous monstrosity at Brooklyn haunt Vinnie’s Pizzeria. (Could that name be any more New York?) Vinnie’s is known for its quirk – just last year the place got a lot of attention for introducing pizza topped with more slices of pizza. It was pizza-ception.

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But this time, Vinnie’s have gone beyond. Way beyond. Their pizza box pizza (pizza-pizza box?) was unveiled yesterday, which sees two rectangular pizzas encasing a regular round pepperoni pizza.

Vinnie’s co-owner Sean Berthiaume said the idea came to him on a particularly slow Wednesday, and was inspired by the number of pizza boxes he sees around his Brooklyn neighbourhood. Speaking to NBC he said, “I thought, ‘What if you can make something that you can eat every part of?'”. God bless you, Sean.

This masterful meal will set you back about $40USD (that’s $52AUD) – no word yet on how they’ll transport it without using a box though. That’ll just defeat the purpose.

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