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How To Double Your Time Off Work In 2020

How To Double Your Time Off Work In 2020

Annual leave hack

Compared to the rest of the world, Australian office workers are pretty lucky to get to four weeks of annual leave each year. But, sometimes, it’s still just not enough.

The good news is that with a little prior planning, you can turn those 20 days of annual leave into 42 days of holiday time. How? It’s all down to planning around those sweet public holidays.

The minds at Contiki have crunched the numbers and figured out how Australians can double their time off work in 2020. Helpfully, they’ve put it all in an annual leave hack calendar to help you plan your next getaway:

annual leave hack

The idea is simple: by booking your annual leave days around public holidays (and weekends), you can give yourself more time off work.

For instance, over the Easter break you can take just eight days of annual leave and score 16 days of holiday time. Or when the Queen’s birthday long weekend rolls around in June, taking four days of annual leave will get you a cool nine days of rest and relaxation… in Bali, perhaps?

You could also book in a four-day mini break by taking just one day of annual leave over the Australia Day long weekend in January, or the October long weekend — the prefect opportunity to head off on a regional trip with your mates.

Of course, you’ll want to get that annual leave hack booked in and approved before everyone else in your office has the same idea — which means now is the time to start planning your next trip. It’s one New Year’s resolution you’ll be very happy you made.

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