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10 Of The Weirdest Things You Can Do In Bali

10 Of The Weirdest Things You Can Do In Bali


Sure, you can do a typical Bali trip. You could easily spend your days on the Indonesian island laying by a villa pool, doing yoga with a view of the rice paddies and slurping fruity cocktails from a beachside bar.

But why limit your Bali holiday to just that when you could also try something entirely different? A trip to the Island of the Gods also presents the chance to seek out leftfield experiences like getting a vampire facial à la Kim K, trying coffee made out of poop or soaking in a beer spa.

The list of wacky activities available on the island is long, but we’ve rounded up some of the best.


#1 Get A Vampire Facial

Remember when Kim Kardashian broke the Internet (for the 48,287th time) by posting a photo of her face dotted with her own blood?

Well, if you’ve ever thought about getting that done yourself, you can do so at Cocoon Medical Spa in Legian. Book in for their platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), which will set you back $280AUD.


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#2 Soak In A Beer Spa

Bali humidity drying out your skin? Consider a beer spa.

Anantara Spa at Anantara Seminyak involves a ridiculously relaxing massage with beer and coconut powder, and then a hop into a bathtub filled with the drink. Grand total? Roughly $143AUD for the massage and bath.

#3 Have A Floating Breakfast In A Cliffside Pool

While this one isn’t so much weird as it is so damn cool, it’s still worth a mention.

Floating brekkies are a frequent fixture in Bali, but rarely are they in glass-bottom pools that dangle over cliffs. At oneeighty restaurant at Uluwatu resort The Edge, however, you can do just that.

The only catch? You need to be a hotel guest, and, at a starting price of $1,175AUD, the villas here aren’t cheap.

The resort also recently discovered a cave on its property (as you do), and is in the process of transforming into a restaurant.


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#4 Try Poop Coffee

Poop coffee itself sounds ridiculous, but the fact it’s one of the most expensive coffees in the world is even more absurd.

It’s called Kopi luwak, and is made by feeding coffee beans to civets (cat-like mammals), collecting their poop, and then roasting it.

At a Kopi luwak farm, you can learn about the process, see the civets, and then try the coffee yourself. Read up about the farms before you visit though. Civets are shy, nocturnal creatures and many animal welfare groups don’t agree with the practice of keeping them in a cage for public viewing.


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#5 Join A Cacao Ceremony

Sacred cacao ceremonies are essentially healing experiences that deepen one’s spiritual connection. There are a few to choose from in Bali, but a popular option is Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Gong Sound Healing.

On every Thursday, at Pyramids of Chi in Ubud, they’ll set you back $35AUD.

#6 Do Aerial Yoga Next To Crashing Waves

Aerial yoga itself is cool, but doing so while watching crashing waves beyond takes it up a notch.

At Serenity Yoga Bali in Canggu, that’s exactly what’s on offer every day of the week. The class will see you doing traditional yoga mat moves in a suspended soft fabric hammock with the area’s famous waves breaking just beyond.

A walk-in class is $11AUD, and mats are provided.

#7 Bathe In Holy Spring Water

If you’re craving a good general well-being reset, head to Balinese water temple Tirta Empul in the middle of the island. The sacred springs are said to possess curative properties, and their water feeds into purification pools tourists can bathe in.

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Jury’s still out on whether or not the water can cure a hangover.

Image: Florian GIORGIO / Unsplash

#8 Drink From A Fountain Of Youth

Want to be forever young? At temple Goa Gajah, otherwise known as the Elephant Cave, near Ubud, that might be a very strong possibility. The temple boasts a fountain of youth that tourists can splash on themselves in the hopes of living forever.

#9 Nurse Yourself At A Hangover Lounge

If a hangover fix is what you’re after though, book a recovery package from Hangover Lounge Bali. The top platinum package features intravenous electrolytes, loads of vitamins, and a pure oxygen therapy session that alone lasts 45 minutes. The treatments can be done in-clinic, or, if you can’t make it there, at your villa.

You’d better hope you had a great night though because with a price tag of $198AUD, the platinum package can cause some serious damage to your wallet.

Hot tip: The clinic treats Bali belly too.


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#10 Visit A Fortune Teller

Balinese people are known for their spirituality, and you can tap into their wisdom by visiting a psychic in the form of a fortune teller, palm reader or Tarot card reader.

The island is teeming with options, but do your Google research beforehand to ensure the experience you’re getting is the most legit.


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