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The Great Barrier Reef Has Popped Up In Germany

The Great Barrier Reef Has Popped Up In Germany

An incredible to-scale replica of Australia’s own Great Barrier Reef is wowing visitors of the Asisi Panometer in central Germany this month, and we reckon this must be the next best thing to experiencing the glory of the world’s largest living organism IRL.


This amazing 360 degree panoramic exhibition is a 1:1 scale copy of our iconic reef – the world’s largest – found off the coast of Queensland. The display is probably awesome for those who haven’t yet been able to make the trek Down Under to see the reef in person.

So how is it done? No, they haven’t transported 2900 different corals and a few tonnes of water into the exhibition space – the replica is actually printed on cloth and hung in a panoramic display, offering visitors a below sea-level look into the complex beauty of the huge vibrant reef.


The panorama is the brainchild of artist Yadegar Asisi. Asisi and his team have a knack for creating immersive ancient worlds and popping them up in modern day Germany. The Great Barrier Reef display isn’t the first impressive panorama Asisi and his team have crated – in the past there have been immersive exhibitions from across the globe including Mt Everest, the sinking of the Titanic and the beauty of the Amazon.


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The Great Barrier Reef exhibition will be on display until September 18, 2016 at Panometer Leipzig in Germany.

(All images: Asisi/Facebook)

Art imitating life – check it out for yourself, fly to Europe with Qantas today.

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