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Love Wine? Why Not Stay Overnight In A Wine Barrel?

Love Wine? Why Not Stay Overnight In A Wine Barrel?

Are you a fan of wine? What about beautifully aged Beaujolais from the French wine region? Well what if we told you you could stay in an old wine barrel that used to hold up to 15,000 litres of the stuff? You’d think we were joking but no, you can actually do it.


Cheers to the geniuses behind the De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel in the Netherlands who have upcycled four giant wine barrels and turned them into accommodation at the back of their homely Dutch property. This incredibly unique living space includes a two-person room with an attached living space and bathroom.


The novelty rooms are decked out with wine-coloured carpets and curtains, two single beds or a double bed, a shower, toilet, mini-bar and television. Guests are, of course, greeted with a fine bottle of wine on arrival alongside some fitting accoutrements.


The casks were transported over from Switzerland to the quaint harbour town of Stavoren in the Netherlands to be salvaged by the hotel. A paradise for wine lovers, this room is probably not suited to those who suffer from claustrophobia as the barrels make quite the airtight fixture, considering their past life. Luckily after years of adding flavour, colour and tannin to thousands of bottles of wine, the barrels have deteriorated a little, letting some much needed light and air into the room – as well as the unmistakable smell of wine that still filters through the age old casings. Sounds pretty perfect to us…

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If you love the smell of wine in the morning, this might just be for you. Prices for the wine barrel rooms at the De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel start at a remarkable €18 ($28AUD) per night in the winter, but can raise up to €74 ($117AUD) in peak times during summer.

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