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Amsterdam Is Getting Hot Tub Boat Tours

Amsterdam Is Getting Hot Tub Boat Tours

Do you have a problem with hot tubs? Is it that they’re so static – so still? You’re always looking at the same thing, and none of those things are the perfectly picturesque sights of Amsterdam? Same.

But no more.

The Hot Tug, a Dutch invention, is a the world’s first wood-fired hot tub that you can sail or tug with a boat down a gosh darn river. UK hotel the Runnymede On Thames has been operating one for a while and now an unnamed Amsterdam company has received their license to operate on the city’s famous canals and are just waiting on delivery of the device, with tours scheduled to begin in early 2015.


The hot tug is a stable floating wood-stove fired hot tub with an outboard motor. The water temperature is a steamy 38 degrees Celsius meaning it can be used in any season, in sunshine, rain and even snow. The company will offer a daily hour-long journey through Amsterdam’s canals, with assurance that “if everyone is having a great time, we can stay out longer”. Just saying, if you’re THAT person who is having a “not great time” floating through the iconic canals of Amsterdam in a hot tub, maybe – just maybe – you don’t deserve the privilege.


The tub holds six people comfortably as well as the captain and you can either reserve a private one or split the boat with strangers (thought we’re willing to bet they won’t be strangers for long).

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