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Antarctica’s Artist Residence Looks Pretty Awesome

Antarctica’s Artist Residence Looks Pretty Awesome

Calling all artists who own heavy coats.

The Australian Antarctic Division are offering a pretty incredible opportunity to travel to one of the most isolated and ice-o-lated (ohhh) places on the planet. Applications have opened for artists and humanities professionals to travel to Antarctica and reside there for a period of time as part of the 2015 Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, with the aim of both inspiring their own work as well as raising awareness and appreciation of our chilly neighbour continent through culture and arts rather than its typical scientific focus.

John Kelly in Antarctica (Photo: Justin Chambers/

John Kelly, last year’s Fellowship winner, wrote a book about his life-changing Antarctic experience as the artist in residence and is also preparing a major exhibition of his Antarctic work in Tasmania next year. During his three month southerly sojourn he produced over 50 paintings, several sketchbooks and five separate essays for The Guardian blog, so it’s fair to say the well of inspiration is in no danger of running dry.

Previous Arts Fellows also include writer Tom Griffiths, visual artist Stephen Eastaugh, sound artist Philip Samartzis, dancer Tina Evans and children’s authors Coral Tulloch and Alison Lester. Australian applicants from all areas of the creative arts, humanities and social sciences are invited to apply. The winner gets either a ship voyage or flight to Antarctica as well as associated logistical support like food, accommodation and hopefully a pair or two of warm gloves.

Enter here.

(Lead image: Rita Willaert/Flickr)

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