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Matthew McConaughey Designed A Tiny Wilderness Cabin You Can Totally Stay In

Matthew McConaughey Designed A Tiny Wilderness Cabin You Can Totally Stay In

As true Matthew McConaughey followers know, the man loves small spaces. (No, really: in his “single days”, he travelled across America in a vintage Airstream trailer.)

Taking this passion for close quarters to its natural conclusion, the actor has joined forces with tiny house startup Unyoked to design his own Australian eco-cabin.

The portable cabin, coined The Reserve, had its press unveiling in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens and will move to the Central Coast of New South Wales in December. McConaughey lived on the Central Coast for a year after high school and has “always been in awe of Australia’s natural beauty”, so the location fits.


The eco-cabin is solar-powered, built with sustainable materials and looks as coolly rugged as the True Detective star himself. It’s also tiny, which is the whole idea. And while it doesn’t have wifi (sorry), this off-the-grid retreat does come with a hidden bar (phew). The collaboration is, after all, backed by Matthew McConaughey’s liquor of choice, Wild Turkey.

But McConaughey’s personal touch doesn’t stop at booze. A handpicked selection of vintage books is available inside the cabin – we’re talking lofty material like philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays, so you’ll have BYO the Fifty Shades series. He’s also curated a selection of vintage cassettes in a very on-brand folk and country vein, including Ali Farka Toure and Ry Cooder’s Talking Timbuktu and Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited. That’s right, people: cassettes.

The eco-cabin hasn’t yet made it to the Unyoked website, so its exact location is TBD. Based on the company’s other offerings in New South Wales – which include cabins in a private valley and a 400-year-old rainforest – the price should sit at around $250 a night. A percentage of proceeds from the cabin will be donated to Unyoked’s charity partner, the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.

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McConaughey was in Australia to unveil the cabin, and also visiting on behalf of Wild Turkey to launch “With Thanks”, an initiative to preserve Australia’s wilderness.

(Lead image: Matthew McConaughey, Wild Turkey. All other images: The Reserve cabin / Unyoked)

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