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Aldi Is Selling Weighted Blankets So You Can Be A Calm Burrito On The Cheap

Aldi Is Selling Weighted Blankets So You Can Be A Calm Burrito On The Cheap

The world is obsessed with weighted blankets, but for anyone who’s been excited to turn themselves into a human-sized burrito or just get a solid night’s sleep, they’ll quickly discover these cosy treats come with a pretty steep price tag. Enter Aldi Special Buys.

Weighted blankets are heaven for people dealing with sleep issues and anxiety, so we’re more obsessed with them than ever. It’s been a tough year as we experience heightened states of anxiety, dealing with the stress of bushfires and pandemics and protests and more. But weighted blankets are also the required ingredient to feel like you’re in a giant, warm hug. It’s all positives with these guys.

Usually, they’re an investment, setting you back upwards of $200. So if you’ve had to put off buying these coveted quilts, Aldi is here with their Special Buys to bestow two weighted options for a measly $89.99.

Choose between the 6.8kg blanket (for people 55kg-80kg) or the 9kg option for 80kg+. The blanket comes with a removable cover for easy washing and is a goes-with-any light grey colour.

If you want to go all out on a bedroom upgrade, fancy duck-down quilts and 1000 thread count sheets will also be on sale.

They’re only available as part of next week’s Special Buys on Wednesday August 5. Check out the full catalogue here.

What’s all the fuss about?

While you might’ve been seeing weighted blanket ads popping up in your social feeds the last six months (not to mention the endless TikToks), they’re nothing new to people dealing with anxiety, sleep disorders and sensory processing disorders.

According to Choice, weighted blankets were originally used as a tool by occupational therapists in the 1990s to help soothe overstimulation in Autistic children. The therapy is known as ‘Deep Pressure Therapy’.

“The weight of the blanket simulates the feeling of being hugged or held, and there are claims that they can have an impact on your mood and calm the nervous system,” explains Choice.

You see, our autonomic nervous system has two gears: ‘flight or fight’ (Sympathetic Nervous System) and ‘rest and digest’ (Parasympathetic Nervous System). When stressed, our SNS takes charge, but if we’re constantly in this state we’ll wind up feeling anxious, irritable and exhausted (because we produce more cortisol and adrenaline which messes with sleep).

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When deep pressure is applied to the body, your PSNS slows down your heart rate and relaxes your muscles. Your brain will release more serotonin (a chemical that regulates sleep and relaxation) and melatonin (another sleep regulation chemical), making you feel calm and relaxed. When you sleep better, it has a positive knock-on effect for countless functions in the body, as well as socially.

People praise weighted blankets as helping them unwind when stressed, reduce their anxiety, fall asleep faster and enjoy a super deep sleep. This blogger even reckons it helped her leg pain.

While more scientific studies are needed to back these claims, the anecdotal evidence is hard to ignore, with “life changing” regularly thrown around.

Buckle up for Wednesday morning, mates.

(Lead Image: Aldi)

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