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This Airport Micro-Hotel Has Tiny Nap Pods Ready For Weary Travellers

This Airport Micro-Hotel Has Tiny Nap Pods Ready For Weary Travellers

Whether it’s during those lengthy layovers or because you’ve already had a long day of travel, we’ve all been tempted to take a nap at the airport at some point. While it’s fine when you’re travelling with someone and can take turns watching your stuff, it feels a little precarious having a snooze when you’re riding solo. But if you happen to be flying out of Washington Dulles International Airport, you can now curl up for a power nap in ultimate comfort and privacy.


A brand new micro-hotel, the Sleepbox Hotel, is opening up at the Washington airport’s international concourse. And sure, many airports may have something similar, but these are different in that they offer actual beds. Not only can you rest your weary bones on a memory foam bed in a soundproof room, but they also have power outlets to charge your devices and a wireless entertainment system.

Image: Sleepbox

The rooms – we’ll politely call them “compact” – are actually rather spacious, at about 2.8. Meanwhile, the “standard” room is slightly bigger at 4.2. They have a flexible check-in so you can come and go as you please and you can book for up to 12 hours for those particularly long layovers. There are 16 rooms on offer and they can be booked through the Sleepbox app.


The compact rooms start from US$25 (AU$35) per hour, while the standard room is US$35 (AU$49) an hour. But can you really put a price on a good nap when you’re travel weary? While this is the first airport micro-hotel, there are more on the way, including a flagship Boston location. Here’s hoping they soon become the norm in hotels around the world in the near future.

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You can check out the Sleepbox Hotel here.

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(Lead image: Sleepbox)

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