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This 24-Hour Gourmet Italian Eatery Is About To Open Its Biggest Location In Las Vegas

This 24-Hour Gourmet Italian Eatery Is About To Open Its Biggest Location In Las Vegas

Eataly las vegas

In most cities, the culinary options after midnight are limited to the following: McDonald’s, greasy slice of pizza, kebab. That’s unless you happen to be in Las Vegas, a place where sleep is optional and 24/7 eateries are plentiful. And if you prefer to keep it classy even at 2am when you’re after a night out on the town, you’re in luck. Gourmet Italian institution, Eataly, is about to open their newest location in Las Vegas and it’s open all night.


The iconic dining hall has been serving up authentic Italian delights in NYC since 2010, expanding to Boston and Los Angeles in recent years. Opening on December 27, the Vegas location at the Park MGM is set to be their biggest yet.  Taking up more than 3,700m2, the store will include the usual Eataly market/restaurant combo, as well as a coffee bar and a wine bar with more than 50 different wines.

Image: Eataly Vegas

There’s also going to be an enormous wine store wth over 1000 different types of vino, which you can taste and take back to your room to continue the party. Eataly Las Vegas will also boast a bar dedicated to “apertivo” – the concept of having a drink before your meal to stimulate the appetite.

“We’re going to go big with spritz, with Americanos, with all those fizzy, light drinks that we drink before our meals,”  CEO Nicola Farinetti told Condé Nast Traveler.

As well as being Eataly’s biggest store yet, the Vegas location is also the only one open 24/7. While we can’t think of a more fitting place for an all-night food wonderland, the concept is actually a nod to Milanese culture.


“It’s going to be open 24/7, so you’re going to experience the entire lifestyle of a café Milano, from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, to the cocktail at night,” says Farinetti. “Basically, we’re creating this very wide, big experience, where we make sure we’re delivering something that you could drink all over Italy, that you could not find anywhere else.”

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You can learn more about Eataly Las Vegas here

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(Lead image: Eataly Vegas)


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