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This 10-Minute Air-Fried Mars Bar Recipe Will Change Your Life Forever

This 10-Minute Air-Fried Mars Bar Recipe Will Change Your Life Forever

Ever since moving house, I’ve been devastated by the loss of my old housemate’s air fryer. No, I’m definitely not exaggerating. Luckily, a last minute trip to Spotlight last week landed me THIS epic deal (which they brought back in a VERY quiet manner), just in time to create the latest chocolatey goodness recipe.

Yes, like an old person, I am a follower of several Facebook Air Fryer groups. I make no apologies, they have led me to pure gold. Like this ‘Easy AF Mars Bar Pockets‘ recipe by Air Fryer Recipes Australia member, Domenic Ruggiero.

Image: Facebook / Domenic Ruggiero

Three ingredients seems easy enough, right?

Is this just an excuse to make delicious dessert on company time? Of course not, this is simply journalistic integrity to try before I recommend. You’re welcome.


  • Mars Bars (I used one, half a one actually, for testing purposes. I ate the other half while I was waiting for it to cook. Highly recommend you do the same).
  • Puff pastry
  • Butter (except that I used milk because I don’t have butter and melted butter and milk are basically the same thing, right?)

Step 1 & 2

I just bought the Spotlight air fryer (on sale, woot) and I haven’t worked out how to use it yet, tbh.

Cut the puff pastry into the right size and shape to wrap around the Mars Bar. Mine ended up looking like a lolly wrapper for some reason, but that’s fine.

Then into the air fryer she goes. I found Domenic’s instructions for eight minutes at 200 degrees celsius spot on, even though I probably have a different air fryer and have less things being cooked (that makes a difference on timing, right? I don’t know, I really hate cooking).

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Eat up

Yes, my oven mitts are lobsters to distract from my terrible cooking.

That is literally it, and it tastes bloody good to be honest with you. I really you could use any chocolate that floats your boat, and now I can’t stop thinking of doing it with different flavoured Lindt balls, am I right?

I skipped the ice cream because I don’t like it, and the cream because I forgot to buy it. But it’s fine and dandy on its own.

(Lead Image: Provided by author / Facebook @Domenic Ruggiero)

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