A Sunflower Farm Just 90-Minutes From Melbourne Will Let You Snap Photos & Pick Your Own Flowers

Call me a basic bitch, but among my many Instagram photos from all over the world (or, all over Australia as of late), I still simply cannot resist a solid ‘field of flowers’ photo. Even at the same time as strongly agreeing with the sentiment of New Zealand’s latest ad begging people to try something new.

The thing is, a lot of those gorgeous flower photos you see actually mean that someone has trespassed on private property, often trampling the flowers as they do so. So when I heard about a sunflower field a mere 90-minute drive from Melbourne that is specifically set up for visitors and even allows you to pick your own flowers, I got instant FOMO.


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Farmers Laiken and Karl Britt opened their gates for the first time last year let visitors enjoy the 200 000 sunflowers sprawling across their property. This year they’ll be doing the same thing, in a brand new field.

It’ll cost a tiny $5 to get into the property (kids under five are free), where you can either just enjoy the scenery and snap your photos or pick your own bunch for $2 a stem. They also happen to have some farm fresh sweet corn for you to take home too.


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All they ask (besides the entry and picking yes, of course) is that you wear sensible shoes for a paddock, be prepared for bees (because obviously), keep your dog on a leash and respectfully stay on the trail they’ve made through the flowers. All very fair requests.

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Look, even the puppers love to pose. Anyway, you get it, it looks awesome. Check the weather, head over to their website for more details, and get going.

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