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A Nutella Dessert Bar Is Opening In Sydney

A Nutella Dessert Bar Is Opening In Sydney

Once considered a delicious but reasonably innocuous breakfast spread, Nutella has exploded into a legitimate food trend over the past 12 months, starring in doughnuts, “freak shakes” and even pop up “bento box” events.

Now the creators of Sydney’s viral Tella Ball Shakes (a Nutella doughnut sitting atop a Nutella milkshake and punctured with a straw) are expanding their Erskinville cafe Foodcraft Espresso to Dulwich Hill to present Sydney with the beautiful gift of its first ever Nutella-themed dessert bar.


Serving waffles, puddings, crepes, pancakes, mousse, eclairs, sweet breads, cakes, brownies and creme brulee, the menu will feature plenty of delicious items that centre around the chocolate hazelnut spread. Additionally, new flavours of the Ball Shakes will be on offer including peanut butter and cheesecake.


The exact location and opening date are yet to be released, so you and your taste buds just sit tight for now and wait for us to ‘tella you when it opens. (See what we did there?)

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(h/t GoodFood. Photos: Foodcraft and Espresso/Facebook)

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