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Two Australian Bars Made The World’s ‘Top 10 Bars’ List

Two Australian Bars Made The World’s ‘Top 10 Bars’ List

On the list of things Australians hold dear, a good beverage is right up there with Bindi Irwin, smashed avo and oversized roadside fibre optic versions of things like bananas, lobsters and merinos. The spaces where we consume said beverages were thankfully revolutionised a few years back as the small-bar craze (and associated law-loosening) swept the country. Now, along with having golden soil and wealth for toil, we’re can proudly say we are home to some of the best bars in the world.

Still, it’s a nice nod to have it officially recognised. The World’s 50 Best Bars Awards 2015 were held in London last night, and two Australian bars claimed their triumphant spots in the top ten, which was largely dominated by bars from London and New York. Sydney’s basement bar The Baxter Inn was Australia’s most esteemed bar, coming in at sixth and stepping up a place from last year. Rounding out the top ten was popular Melbourne bar The Black Pearl, jumping up from spot 27 after a recent renovation. The Brunswick Street bar’s impressive leap up the list saw it claim the Torres Highest Climber Award.

Other Australian bars in the top 50 were Melbourne’s The Everleigh at 25 and Sydney’s tiny Bulletin Place at 28.

The full top ten list is as follows…

#1 Artesian, London
#2 The Dead Rabbit, Grocery & Grog, New York
#3 Nightjar, London
#4 Employees Only, New York
#5 American Bar, London
#6 The Baxter Inn, Sydney
#7 28 Hong Kong Street, Singapore
#8 Happiness Forgets, London
#9 Connaught Bar, London
#10 Black Pearl, Melbourne

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(Lead image: Bulletin Place)

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