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This Hotel Is Made Entirely From Salt

This Hotel Is Made Entirely From Salt

We’ve seen our fair share of unique hotels here at AWOL – from underwater hotel rooms to a mirrored cube among the Swedish treetops and even a hotel in a shipyard crane – but this one really is the salt of the earth – literally.


Located on the banks of the magical Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the world’s largest salt flat, the Palacio De Sal Hotel is a unique hotel experience because the hotel is built with only salt. Yep, just the garden variety salt that you would sprinkle on your food – and the stuff that’s covered Bolivia for centuries.

Everything – from the walls, to the floors, to the ceilings and even the furniture – has been built using salt, balancing rather fittingly with the vast salty landscape that surrounds it.


The hotel is equipped with a dry sauna, steam room, saltwater pool, salt beds, whirlpool and a massage room. There’s a billiards table in the common room and even a nine-hole salt golf course, which sounds amazing.

Funnily enough, there’s a rule prohibiting visitors from licking the walls of the hotel as it can cause degradation, so keep your tongue to yourself and enjoy Palacio de Sal’s impeccable restaurant menu that’s based around – you guessed it – salt.


Prices for the Palacio de Sal start at around $200AUD per night.

(All photos: Palacio de Sal)

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