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A Harry Potter Themed Bar Has Finally Opened

A Harry Potter Themed Bar Has Finally Opened

From the outside, the Lockhart bar in Toronto looks like any other hip bar. Even the inside is pretty innocuous – there’s the fake stag head hung up behind the bar, a few weird brews on tap and even a heart-shaped neon sign that reads ‘all was well’.

This might all seem pretty normal for your average joe, but not for the Harry Potter superfans that have created this Easter-egg filled bar – there’s a little more to it all.


The newly opened bar in the heart of Toronto has Potterheads raving thanks to a few extra special tid-bits added to the bar’s hip interior – you may have guessed it but “all was well” was actually the closing line in the final Harry Potter book, a nod to JK’s divisive epilogue.

You may also remember the name Lockhart, as in Gilderoy Lockhart the gang’s boisterous – and downright idiotic – Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher in their second year at Hogwarts.


While there’s not a wand or dress robe in sight, Lockhart have decided to subtly bring in some of the best morsels from the wizarding world – there’s a hidden deathly hallows symbol, potions and elixirs on the menu, a bar area that looks like an ancient apocathery and a few other hidden goodies.

The best thing? Most of the references are pretty genius – you might be scratching your head for a few of them. Apparently there’s a reference on the menu that’s so obscure, you might even get a free drink if you can work it out.



Each of those potions and elixirs are dedicated to a particular character, charm or idiom from the Harry Potter universe. There’s the Shacklebolt (named after the super cool Kingley Shacklebolt), the Befuddlement draft (named after the potion that causes the drinker to become a little reckless), and even Ludo’s Debt (the nasty gambler that stole from Fred and George in the fourth book).

They’ve even – quite blasphemously, some might say – included items from other fandoms, including The Captain Picard (from Star Trek), Dr. Manhattan (from the Watchmen comics) and – we might be stretching here – the Tropical Spike (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

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While we’re sure every Potter fan will be jumping for joy at the thought of a cool hip bar dedicated to their favourite fandom, just remember to keep it cool – for Harry’s sake.


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(Bar images: Lockhart)

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