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A Goosebumps Stage Show Is Coming To London’s Underground

A Goosebumps Stage Show Is Coming To London’s Underground

Fans of R.L. Stine’s iconic book series Goosebumps will finally have something to look forward to after years of silence from the franchise. No, we’re not talking about that goofy life-action Goosebumps film starting Jack Black – that was a hard no from us true fans – but an immersive live event that’s going to hit London’s Underground next year.

I photographed this a few days ago- same day as the City Hall. But the City Hall photo stood out - so I decided to come back today and make a decent photograph of it. I love the colours and contrast of dark and light. This is a place in London where graffiti is legal.
(Photo: JozerC/Flickr

Underground arts venue The Vaults will host a Goosebumps theatre show starting in April, which will see some of your favourite scary stories come to life in a fully immersive theatre experience. This gruesome re-imagining will be taking place in the abandoned underground world of Waterloo in central London and it will surely bring back some repressed childhood nightmares you thought you’d forgotten.

All of your favourite stories will return, including Night of the Living Dummy, The Blob that ate Everyone, Stay out of the Basement and everyone’s favourite deadly camera from Say Cheese, and Die! If you’re a fan of the books, you won’t be disappointed – The Vaults have spared no expense recreating the world of ghost stories and creepy puppets. There’ll even be live music from London trio The Tiger Lillies performing a live score throughout the performance – just to make it that extra bit spooky.

(Photo: Jason/Flickr)

Tickets are on sale now – but, a suggestion, if you’re prone to scaring easily, might we suggest the Goosebumps kids show during the day? It’s less scary and there’s a little more daylight to for those who are afraid of the dark.

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