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These Are The 10 Most Popular Bucket List Destinations For Aussies

These Are The 10 Most Popular Bucket List Destinations For Aussies

Travel experts Expedia have just released their annual ‘State of the Nation’ report which surveys over 5,000 Australians aged 18 and over and pulls out trends among travellers. While it’s no surprise that we’re a well-travelled bunch (84 percent of us have been overseas at least once, the average traveller has visited 8 countries, and 8 percent of us have visited more than 20 countries), the study also found that 97 percent of Australians use bucket lists (both physical and mental) to keep track of their travel dreams and determine where to go next.

And what’s on our bucket lists? The survey says the number one international destination that Australians dream of visiting is the land of Springsteen, soaring eagles and star spangled banners – the US. Our top 10 international bucket list destinations include a strong presence from Europe, a couple of Asian countries and a spot taken out by our closest neighbour, New Zealand.


The full list of Australians’ international bucket list destinations looks like this:

#10 Greece
#9 Hong Kong
#8 Germany
#7 Japan
#6 France
#5 Italy
#4 New Zealand
#3 Canada
#2 England
#1 USA

The survey also revealed our collective domestic bucket list, with capital cities taking out the top spots, followed by more iconic tourist destinations like the mighty Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.


Here’s what Australians’ domestic bucket list looks like:

#10 Brisbane & Cairns & Great Ocean Road & Broome (tied)
#8 Central Australia (Uluru & Alice Springs) & Cradle Mountain (tied)
#7 Darwin
#6 Great Barrier Reef
#5 Perth
#4 Gold Coast
#2 Sydney & Hobart (tied)
#1 Melbourne

The rise of Instagram and social media, as well as fancier smartphone cameras, could possibly be why 85 percent of Australians said the opportunity for great photos is a key driver when it comes to deciding on a destination. And despite the ridiculous amount of publicity given to selfie sticks, only 7 percent of people viewed them as a travel essential.

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