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A Completely Free ‘Smart Bus’ Service Is Coming To London

A Completely Free ‘Smart Bus’ Service Is Coming To London


“Smart” seems to be the prefix du jour in 2017. From smartphones and smartwatches to smartcars and smartlocks, there’s nothing a little technology can’t enhance to make life that much easier.

Now, public transport is getting the “smart” treatment, with travel app Citymapper announcing a Smart Bus service trialling in London this week.

The Citymapper app is an extremely useful travel tool, particularly if you’re in an unfamiliar city. It’s a real-time app which constantly updates transport information and schedules for all forms of public transport, including buses, trains and taxis.

Taking things from the screen to the streets, Citymapper is trialling a “pop-up” bus route. The buses come in two sizes, are easily identifiable by their bright green colouring, and are totally free to use. The interiors will be fitted with huge screens showing precisely where the bus is on a map, as well as USB charging ports for extra convenience.


The trial is being tested out in South Central London, not far from tourist hotspot Covent Garden, closest to Temple, Waterloo and Blackfriars Underground Stations. If it all runs smoothly, Citymapper plans to expand the service throughout the city.


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According to Citymapper, the whole idea is to ‘rethink’ how buses and routes operate and how to make them more efficient and useful in cities. Considering how busy and bustling London is, it sure seems like the perfect place to test ways to increase inner-city mobility.

More information can be found here.

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