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All The Incredible Food You Can Actually Buy At 7-Eleven In Japan

All The Incredible Food You Can Actually Buy At 7-Eleven In Japan


7-Eleven in Japan is next level. The chain elevates the mere notion of ‘convenience’ and there’s truly nothing they can’t do. As our love affair with Japan and Japanese food continues, we want you to get up close and personal with all the incredible food you can actually buy from a 7-Eleven in Japan.


#1 Fried chicken and beer

Tired after exploring the world’s very first digital art museum in Tokyo? It’s time to retire to your cute-as-hell capsule hotel, but not before you inhale some delicious Japanese fried chicken and wash it down with a Kirin. And it’d be a crime to look past the charcoal-grilled and karaage chicken skewers. Get ’em into ya!

#2 Okonomiyaki


Excuse me, what? No joke, you can actually buy perfectly fluffy okonomiyaki (Japanese omelette) from 7-Eleven in Japan. Also pictured: refreshing citrus flavoured RTD Asahis. Yes please.

#3 Terri mayo steak, bacon and egg burger


Holy hell. Is this for real?? Yes, yes it is. This Japanese-style burger will set you back just ¥397 (AU$5.25) and comes complete with Zhào Shāo Beef Hamburg steak, bacon and fried egg finished off with a sweet zhào shāo sauce and generous dollop of mayonnaise. DED.

#4 Shrimp and chicken cutlet sandwiches

Please make it stop. We’re already salivating over the freshness of this white bread and the tenderness of the shrimp and chicken cutlets. Let’s start with the shrimp: a “curvy texture” envelops a pair of shrimp cutlets doused in tartar sauce with egg, onion and cabbage, and is all yours for ¥370 (AU$4.89). As for the chicken sandwich, ¥295 (AU$3.90) will get you a juicy cutlet with raw cabbage, vegetables and worcester sauce.


#5 Fresh onigiri sushi


These tasty little ones are made and packaged fresh each and every day. The rice balls are the perfect addition to any day out and about exploring Tokyo or one of Japan’s lesser-visited prefectures.

#6 Thick miso ramen


How do you like your ramen? If the thick and gooey type’s your thing, 7-Eleven in Japan has you covered with this hot, steaming bowl of goodness for ¥480 (AU$6.34). The miso-cooked ramen come with pork and chicken and will keep you energised during your travels. Want more? Why not visit the ramen museum while you’re at it and make sure you don’t leave the country without trying these foods either!

#7 All of the delicious Japanese sweets

Walk into any 7-Eleven in Japan and you’ll be met with rows and rows of freshly baked Japanese sweets. You can’t go past the classic matcha cake with dorayaki dough and cream for ¥275 (AU$3.63) or classic maple pancakes with whipped cream for ¥125 (AU$1.62).


#8 Warm udon


These silky streams of deliciousness are available for ¥345 (AU$4.56) at 7-Eleven in Japan. Described as a “cup of simplicity” this is the kind of comfort food that’ll keep you warm and fuzzy inside as you wander the streets during Japan’s cherry blossom season.

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#9 Gooey warm egg and rice


Taste that egg. Taste that fluff. Taste one of the best things you’ll eat during your travels around Japan. For ¥398 (AU$5.26) you’ll be taken to egg heaven.

#10 Cheesy rice bowl


This cheese sauce arba rice bowl for ¥480 will fuel those glorious cheese dreams of yours. Think chicken, vegetables and mozzarella, cheddar and Gouda cheese atop steaming rice. Ooft!

So in short, you can pretty much eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at 7-Eleven in Japan. With such a range of freshly prepared food at affordable prices, why wouldn’t you? And never fear if you can’t make it to Japan. You can get your fix of sushi and ramen at Sydney’s best Japanese restaurants and enjoy cult Japanese desserts in Melbourne.

(All images: 7-Eleven Japan / Facebook)

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