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5 Bars That Prove Berlin Has The Best Nightlife In The World

5 Bars That Prove Berlin Has The Best Nightlife In The World

We’ve teamed up with Georgia from It’s Beautiful Here to showcase Berlin’s brilliant nightlife. Whether it’s dancing yourself into the next day at a super exclusive techno club or having a slow waltz in a 1920s dance hall, there’s truly something for everyone in the German capital after dark. Here are our top five picks.

#1 Klunkerkranich

(Photo: Georgia Hopkins)

This rooftop bar in Neukölln is somewhat hard to find. Located on the top floor of a shopping centre parking garage, this open air bar is perfect for a sunset drink. Grab a cheap drink and a seat on the shipping pallets and revel in the awesome views over Berlin. In summer you’ll find sand on the floor and maybe even a blow-up pool.

#2 Clärchens Ballhaus

(Photo: Georgia Hopkins)

For something totally different, head to this amazing old dance hall located in the backstreets of Mitte. Going strong since 1913, Ballhaus is a Berlin institution. A longtime favourite of a tango-tapping, waltzing and swing-dancing crowd, there are two ballrooms in this awesome space (the upstairs one is our favourite). Be transported back to the ’20s and enjoy the ride. They serve good pizza as well.

#3 Neue Odessa

(Photo: Georgia Hopkins)

One of our go-to drinking spots on any trip to Berlin, we love this dark and cosy corner bar on Torstraße. Neue Odessa attracts a fun and creative crowd, and there’s always good beats. Their cocktails are fresh and strong. Our advice: order the Negroni.

#4 Beuster Bar/Prince Charles

(Photo: Beuster/Facebook)

Start your night at Neukölln newcomer, Beuster. More restaurant than bar, the food is OK but the cocktails and the DJ beats (on Saturdays, or Sunday brunch) are what you come here for. That, and the exceptional friendly service as well from the fun, young owners. After a few espresso martinis (and some steak tartare), head over to Kreuzberg to Prince Charles. Not as regal as its name may suggest, this late night club is a favourite for its hip hop nights. A typically dingy indoor space, there’s plenty of room for dancing around the rectangular bar. Stay until the sun comes up.

#5 Berghain

Credit: @alf_goose.
Credit: @alf_goose.


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Berghain. The pièce de résistance. Our favourite in all of Berlin. This is a club like no other in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere. It stays open from Friday night until Monday morning and while it’s not easy to get into, it’s totally worth it. If you make it past the door (and lets be honest, you might not), you will glide past half-naked, sweaty bodies everywhere before reaching the dark cavernous techno dance floor. The beats here are loud – really loud, and hard too. Upstairs is Panorama Bar, where the tunes take a slightly happier, housey turn. But this is a club like no other. A place where anything goes – anything at all. It’s dark, it’s dirty, it’s pretty wild, and it should not be missed. (Tips for queueing – don’t smile, don’t act like a tourist, don’t dress up. Wear black). Good luck!

(Lead image: Klunkerkranich/Facebook)

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