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Festival Bucket List: The Peacock Society

Festival Bucket List: The Peacock Society


What: Ultra hip Parisian dance festival The Peacock Society, which takes place in the beautiful Parc Floral every July.

Where: The Parc Floral in Paris, France. There are some seriously rad tunes played over two stages: one outdoors, and one inside an enormous botanical greenhouse.

When: The Peacock Society takes place over two days, smack-bang in the middle of July and the European summer.


Capacity: About 13,000 people head to the festival each night, with about 50 or so artists on the bill.

Fun fact: The glasshouse can get super steamy with all those bodies in there – the windows fog up. A lot.

Why should you go? Obviously because it’s in a glasshouse! Other than that being a supremely cool thing, the lineup boasts some of the best electronic acts in the biz. This year saw the likes of Flume, Laurent Garnier, Dixon and Maya Jane Coles throwing down at Peacock Society. It’s awesome – and be prepared to get extra friendly with the sweaty people around you, it’s all a part of the fun.


(Images: The Peacock Society/Tumblr)

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