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10 Ridiculously Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways

10 Ridiculously Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways

It would seem that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching us – that $15.7 billion holiday in honour of a Roman bishop who was jailed and killed for performing marriages in secret – ADORABLE. If flowers and chocolates just won’t do for your lover, why not head on a Valentine’s getaway? Forget the love lock bridge in Paris (which is actually about to sink into the Seine from too many cute teenage couples), here are some more unique ways to spend the romantic date.

#1 Great Ocean Road


If you want to stay local to ‘Straya, take a romantic roadtrip down the Great Ocean Road. Surely there’s nothing sweeter than a long drive along one of Australia’s most stunning coastlines, stopping off along the way at beaches, waterfalls and treetop walks. Starting at Torquay and finishing off in a cute cottage in Warrnambool, you can even do a romantic beachy horse ride if that’s your kind of thing. You’ll get serious brownie points for this one.

#2 New York’s Play Bar

PicMonkey Collage

Fancy yourself a bit of a Big/Carrie Bradshaw (or should that be Blair Waldorf/Chuck Bass?) power couple? Skip the Empire State building on Valentine’s Day (you’ll only get there late and Chuck will have thrown your flowers in the bin) and head to Play Bar & Den, located in New York’s iconic Flatiron building (and conveniently at the back of New York’s sex museum, as it were). Play offers schmancy cocktails, soft reddish light for ideal ambience and mouth-watering American cuisine for the perfect Valentine’s night out. You know you love it, XOXO.

#3 Stay In A Castle In Dublin


Something a bit more rustic is a good old Celtic castle. Dotted around the UK and Ireland, you can’t argue that an antique suite in a lavish castle isn’t romantic. They’re all really good at doing romance packages, like this one in Ireland’s stunning capital, Dublin.

#4 Candlelit Skiing In Minnesota


After all the physical activity that you’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day, what could be more enticing than…more physical activity? Outdoorsy couples can head to the USA and go on a candlelit ski trip through the Minnesotan national parks. Suspend your completely rational fear that couples and wine and skis and candles aren’t historically the safest of combinations and walk, ski or snowshoe the night away with the BYO Dinner and Candlelit Cross Country ski session before heading back for even more, you guessed it. physical activity.

#5 Northern Lights Break In Iceland


Apart from the whole not-being-able-to-feel-various-limbs thing, Iceland is pretty much the most beautifully romantic setting in the world. Head here to see the stunning Northern Lights, geysers that shoot pink smoke every five minutes and the incredible thermally heated Blue Lagoon, where you can swim in Iceland’s sulphuric, geothermal water. The Northern Lights package is a good place to start, and add the Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle tours for an overload of icy beauty before snuggling up and thawing out in a hotel in the picture-perfect capital city of Reykjavik.

#6 Spa Break In Bath, England


Where else to go for a romantically relaxing spa day with your lovahhhhh than Bath – the old Roman town that quite literally pioneered the art of bathing? Bathe in the mineral baths and have some fancy-as-heck pampering treatments before settling down with a classic English afternoon tea (with champagne, of course) and explore Bath – a totally underrated Medieval city set in the beautiful western county of Somerset.

 #7 An Igloo In Austria


This is so amazing I’d do it on my own, as a ~romantic singles trip~. Located in the west of Austria, Alpeniglu is basically the most brilliant idea anyone’s ever had. You get a private igloo, a candlelit dinner in an igloo, drinks IN AN IGLOO (!), a torchlit walk in a winter forest, a free breakfast and the opportunity to create your own ice sculpture. Probably of your lover’s face. I just can’t think of many things I’d prefer to do with my existence than live in an igloo for a bit.

#8 Extreme Luxury: Abu Dhabi Valentine’s Package


Got a bit more cash to burn? Like, cash in the tune of $109k? Brilliant – you’ll love this one. The Shangri-La in Abu Dhabi have put together a TOTALLY BARGAIN package to help you have a totally laid back, casual Valentine’s Day (not) (at all). You’ll get a private limo, a stay in the Presidential Suite, spa visit, private rooftop dinner, a personal shopper to shower you with gifts, a night time helicopter ride, a private musician AND MAGICIAN, and of course your standard every day run-of-the-mill caviar facial. Need I go on? This is #trueromance.

#9 50 Shades Of Grey Package

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 2.36.20 pm

The more…adventurous among you might like to go for one of these packages, based upon the not at all terrifying novel and film Fifty Shades of Grey. The most intense, the No Grey Area package based in Seattle, gives you hire of the car that Christian owns, a copy of the Kama Sutra in your hotel room, meals made from aphrodisiac ingredients and, of course, champagne on tap. Alternatively, head to the Nira Caledonia hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland, where you’ll get a Jacuzzi suite, couples massage, more aphrodisiac ingredients and a goodie bag full of treats. Oh, and a butler and optional champagne bath. Uh….enjoy? I think?

#10 Singles


And finally, for those of us who are sans l’amour on the big day, well…stay on Tinder. No, seriously, keep on swiping right! The tourism board of Belize, the sneaky buggers, have made fake Tinder accounts and offered singles free trips to Belize over Valentine’s Day so if they’re mourning lost love or whatever we’re supposed to do on February 14, at least they can do it from the comfort of the world’s most beautiful beaches. You better Belize it.

Go on, you guys deserve a break. Book your next romantic getaway with Qantas.

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