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The Actual Country Of Belize Is Now On Tinder

The Actual Country Of Belize Is Now On Tinder

It’s less than a week until Valentine’s Day and romance is slowly starting to seep into this weekend’s plans, our collective conscience and, of course, supermarket aisles. But for those singles out there still looking for love in a modern age, we urge you to keep swiping. You never know who (or what) might be up next.

In the most pro-millennial move of all time, the Belize Tourism board announced last week that they’re giving away three amazing trips to Belize through the popular dating app Tinder. Yep – Belize, which is home to tropical jungles, ancient Mayan ruins and crystal clear warm Caribbean tides – wants to invite you around to their place. And it’s entirely their shout.

Belize, aged 33, describes itself pretty accurately on their profile: ““Some days I just like to chill on the beach, and when I’m feeling more spontaneous, I do exciting stuff like cave tubing and scuba diving. I’m also into animals, cooking, and dancing. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking about spending this Valentine’s Day by the ocean. Swipe right if you’re friendly and adventurous … or like to travel.”


Each trip includes flights, meals and five nights accommodation for the lucky winner and a friend, which is certainly a step above your date grabbing the cheque for your cheap dumpling dinner.

But Belize doesn’t return its right swipes to any old person. They’re looking for someone special. Perhaps even “The One”. To be in the running, Belize is swiping right only on those whose personalities and interests align with the country. Fair enough. You wouldn’t want to spend your time together staring into your drinks awkwardly, having nothing to talk about.

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One trip has already been lined up for Marsha, 37, from South Florida.

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There’s two more trips up for grabs, one for someone in New York and another for someone in LA. But it’s not too late to hightail it to the States, right?

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