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10 Of The Coolest Hotels That Opened In 2015

10 Of The Coolest Hotels That Opened In 2015

2015 will forever be known as the year that hotels upped their game – cool eco-camps, robot-staffed hotels and swanky vintage-inspired accommodation options are now littered across the world. It’s probably a sign of the Internet-obsessed times that we live in that we’re no longer happy just to holiday, we must be able to share it with all of our friends to make them jealous – so it makes sense we’re inundated with unique looking hotels that instantly warrant a cheeky Instagram or three. We’ve decided to spotlight ten of our favourite new hotels from across the world – and if it’s your New Years resolution to do a little more travelling and try some new things, why not pop a few of these newbies on your bucket-list?


#1 The Old Clare Hotel, Sydney

(Photo: The Old Clare Hotel)

We’ll start off with something a little close to home – at the Old Clare Hotel in Sydney. Stretching across two heritage listed buildings, the old Clare Hotel pub and the Carlton & United Breweries Administration Building, this Chippendale hub has quickly become Sydney’s newest hip boutique hotel. Each of the 62 rooms offer contemporary accommodation in stylish vintage digs, and there’s even an ode to the location’s history as a drinking hole with the Clare Bar setting up shop near the hotel’s reception. So cool. Bonus: their rooftop pool just opened its doors to non-guests – and might we add, it’s pretty perfect for some after-work chillaxing on a hot summer’s eve.

#2 The Henn-na Hotel, Japan

(Photo: The Henn-na Hotel)

The future is officially here – The Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki is the world’s first hotel that’s staffed almost exclusively by robots. After greeting and chatting to your friendly robotic receptionist (they actually encourage genuine conversations with the robots – they’re humanoids, after all), a porter robot will take your bags and guide you to your room. Going that one step further, the hotel has even introduced keyless accommodation – there’s facial recognition software on all room doors, so you don’t need a key to enter. Coolest. Place. Ever.

#3 25hours Hotel, Berlin

(Photo: 25hours Hotel Berlin)

Possibly the quirkiest hotel on this list, the 25hours hotel in Berlin delights in its weirdness – hammocks surround the lobby, there’s Far Side comics in the bathrooms and a few dozen speed bikes dangle from the ceilings. You can tell the designers have a thing for floor-to-ceiling windows because they’re pretty much everywhere, exuding an airy feeling and making it all too easy to settle in beside the glass and peer out over West Berlin below. Be sure to check out the awesome 10th floor bar that overlooks the monkey enclosure of the Berlin Zoo, too.


#4 Park Hyatt, New York

(Photo: Park Hyatt New York)

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, if you’re looking to go all out on your next NYC experience, look no further. A block away from Central Park, the Park Hyatt is home to some of the largest hotel rooms in all of Manhattan (where teeny tiny apartments are an excruciating reality). You’ll be living it up on 57th Street, a.k.a. Billionaires’ Row, where the elite of New York live. Lucky for you, this modern and luxurious inner-city accom comes at a considerably lower price than the $100 million penthouses that skim the top of the building. Make visiting the 25th floor pool a priority – just don’t forget your Gucci swimsuit to make you feel like you truly fit in.

#5 St. Jerome’s Rooftop Hotel, Melbourne

(Photo: St. Jerome’s – The Hotel)

Possibly the most “Melbourne” thing to happen this year was a brand new glamping spot atop one of the city’s most prominent skyscrapers. St. Jerome’s – The Hotel launched back in May on the rooftop of Melbourne Central – a dozen eco-cool tents were set up on the fake-grass adored floor, each fitted out with a comfy bed, luxe linen, tasty treats, kitschy cute furnishings and a tablet for movies/entertainment. This is one experience you’ll definitely want to tell all your friends about.


#6 The Brando, French Polynesia

(Photo: The Brando)

Did you know Marlon Brando bought a tiny speck of French Polynesia in the 1960s? The island is called Tetiaroa and it’s only a 20-minute flight from Tahiti. It’s now home to the elusive Brando Hotel which opened earlier this year. This attractive and accessible private hideaway boasts pristine nature and a certain sense of carefree luxury. Also, the fact that Marlon Brando once ran away here instantly makes it more awesome.

#7 G-Rough, Rome

(Photo: G-Rough)

This place is certainly not rough, but you’ll be saying “Gee!” ’til the cows come home. G-Rough is a ambitious 5-star hotel located near Rome’s Piazza Novano, housed in a stunningly renovated 16th century building. All of the original interiors have been preserved with its five floors drawing inspiration from decades past. If you’re a fan of old-school design with a hint of modern furnishings, this might just be the place for you.

#8 Norden Camp, China

(Photo: Norden Travel)

Hello isolation! If a remote getaway is on the cards, consider these cosy log cabins at Norden Camp in northern China. These eco cabins offer you a glimpse into traditional Tibetan nomad life, but without having to leave modern luxuries at home – each of the seven pine log cabins are sustainably built and run completely on solar power. It’s a little tough to get to (a three-hour flight from Shanghai then a five-hour drive to the camp), but rolling into the grasslands of China’s Gansu province is certainly something else. Be sure to visit after May when the weather is a little more hospitable and the flowering bushes that surround the camp bloom bright shades of pink and yellow.

#9 Maalifushi by COMO, Maldives

(Photo: Maalifushi)

Have you ever seen anything so picturesque? You’ll be wishing you could bottle up all this natural beauty and take it home after a trek to Maalifuchi, the brand new Maldives resort by COMO Hotels. A serene lagoon, an outdoor cinema, morning yoga sessions and a dozen or so great snorkelling spots at your disposal – it’s basically paradise. There are 65 overwater bungalows for guests to indulge in – they hover over coral gardens of the Thaa Atoll where you can regularly spy some dolphins and sea turtles.

#10 Loftoten Opera Hotel, Norway

(Photo: Snøhetta)

This guy is so new, it technically hasn’t opened yet – but still! Look at that majestically sleek building – how could we not include it? Looking like some kind of otherworldly space station, the curvacous Lofoten Opera Hotel was designed by Snøhetta studio and sits against a dramatic Nordic landscape that’ll leave you breathless. It’s supposedly opening in “late 2015” and with a few weeks left of 2015, this could still become a reality. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.

(Lead image: Norden Camp)

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