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Check Out These Natural Hot Springs On The Side Of A Canyon

Check Out These Natural Hot Springs On The Side Of A Canyon

While we’re no stranger to a cool cascading hot spring, this one just might take the prize. Check out Grutas Tolantongo in Mexico – also known as the best place for a soak this side of the equator.


This geothermal wonderland is found along a boxed canyon near Ixmiquilpan in Mexico, about three hours north of Mexico City. The Tolantongo canyon’s main attraction are the two grottos at the canyon’s closed end – inside the caves you’ll find a small warm river that’s heated by the surrounding volcanic mountains.


In the ceiling of the larger grotto is a small tunnel that showers whoever who enters with warm water, which we’re betting is heaps cooler than the one in your bathroom.


Possibly the best part of this hybrid waterpark/spa/nature reserve are the thermal pools built into the side of the canyon walls. The spa’s water is fed from the surrounding volcanic mountains so it’s heated to steamy warm temperatures and naturally infused with minerals. The cherry on top? You also get glorious panoramic views from your shaded spa paradise.


To access Grutas Tolantongo, visitors must either take public transport or hire a car to traverse the windy roads towards the canyon. If soaking isn’t really your style there’s also a number of adventure activities on offer around the resort – ziplines, hiking trails, camping facilities and even an epic suspension bridge to get that heart-rate up again.


Don’t mind us, we’ll just be here forever.


(All images: Grutas Tolantongo/Facebook)

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