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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Pizza Soup

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Pizza Soup

What is it? Some may call it blasphemous to the classic slice, but we’re calling it ingenious. Pizza soup has arrived, and damn it sounds good.

(Photo: Straw/Yelp)

Where can you get it? At Straw in San Francisco’s trendy Hayes Valley neighbourhood. Alongside the pizza soup is a myriad of other weird comfort food delights including their savoury lamb cupcakes, a rib sundae, a fried chicken and waffle Monte Cristo sandwich and their pièce de résistance – Straw’s famous donut burger (that’s an organic beef patty and melted cheddar and jack cheese served between two house-made glazed donut buns). They’re really not kidding around here.

What’s in it? Their famous pizza soup starts with house-made tomato soup with sautéed vegetables, topped with a parmesan puff pastry crust and drizzled with melted mozzarella. That sounds good.

Is it good for you? I guess it’s probably the healthiest way to eat “pizza”.

How much does it cost? $8.75USD or about $12AUD. It’s actually meant to be a starter so you’re expected to follow it with another of Straw’s tasty main meals. You might want to skip breakfast that day.

(Photo: Straw/Facebook)

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