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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Pa Amb Tomàquet

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Pa Amb Tomàquet

What is it? Pa Amb Tomàquet is the literal Catalan translation of just “bread and tomato” – but as with all things Mediterranean, it’s much better. It just is.


Where can you get it? In Catalonian regions of Spain, as well as a very similar dish, pa amb oli, in Majorca.

What’s in it? Catalan cuisine experts say there’s a specific order the dish has to be made in, otherwise you’ll ruin the taste: after toasting some deliciously crusty bread, rub on some garlic. Then simultaneously squeeze and rub some tomatoes all over it, then salt it, and lastly drizzle over some olive oil. Deliciós! The bread is usually served alongside sausages, ham, cheese, omelettes, fish or grilled veggies, but you can also eat one (or 17) on its own.

Is it good for you? It actually kind of is! Fresh crusty European bread, vine-picked tomatoes, sea salt and immunity-boosting garlic: delicious and nutritious.

How much does it cost? It’d be pretty cheap to make yourself, but is available inexpensively from cafés all over Spain.

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