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Work Remotely While Travelling The World – On A Boat This Time

Work Remotely While Travelling The World – On A Boat This Time

Forget the humble rowboat, the Coboat is where it’s at!

In an age where coworking spaces and hotdesking are the Hip New Things, the Coboat company want to take it one step further. Feel like sailing the Mediterranean, but have a big deadline coming up? Keen to cruise around the Maldives, but worried you’ve taken too much holiday already? No worries – Coboat’s here to save the day.


“Coboat“ is a coworking space on a catamaran that travels the world.Picture shows a Nautitech 82 Catamaran which will be refitted to become the Coboat in December 2015

The premise is simple: it’s coworking…on a boat. Bring your laptop, phone, tablet, camera and whatever other hi-tech nonsense the kids use these days, and finish that report that’s been on your back for ages – while staring out across the Greek Isles, or the Caribbean. You’ll meet like-minded people (hopefully none of whom suffer from seasickness), get a chance to network with other creative minds, and most importantly open your mind and see the world without leaving your day job.

It’s not exactly a cheap experience – a week on board the Coboat catamaran is about $1500AUD, while the month-long crossing of the Atlantic will set you back almost $4500. That includes all accommodation, Wi-Fi, food and drinks (except alcohol) – so hey, maybe it’s not steep. The key is to convince your boss that this is an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL business expense and that you will up your productivity by approximately 600% while you sail the Canary Islands, cocktail in hand laptop and phone in hand, working tirelessly.

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