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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Deep Fried Mussels

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Deep Fried Mussels

What is it? Well you’ve heard of deep fried chicken, deep fried mars bars and even deep fried milkshakes, so it was only time that it extended to the shellfish family. Enter: deep fried mussels, or midye tava, in Turkish.

Where can you get it? These guys are a super popular delicacy in Istanbul – you’ll find them street side in stalls along the Bosphorus strait in the Ortaköy district.

What’s in it? Pretty self explanatory, it’s mussels that are deep fried. And if you don’t like shellfish, don’t worry – they barely resemble mussels – the meat is taken out of its shell and popped on skewers before hitting the deep fryers. There’s a variety of dipping sauces on offer too, if you want to completely mask the fish taste.

(Photo: Nurettin Mert AYDIN/Flickr)

Is it good for you? Well, considering there’s some serious batter and oil going on here, probably not. But hey, at least you’re getting some fish in your diet?

How much is it? Like any local street food, it’s pretty cheap.

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