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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Asado

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Asado

What is it? Asado is a tender and tasty meat dish that will leave you desperately anticipating your next bite.

Where can you get it? While asado refers to the traditional dish, it can also be translated as the whole act of barbecuing as well. You’ll find these asado gatherings all across South America, most commonly in Argentina.

(Photo: Jonathan Hamner/Flickr)

What’s in it? It’s all about the quality of meat here – Argentina is surrounded by huge grassy plains and as a result they’re overrun by top quality beef. Side note: Did you know cattle outnumber people in Argentina?

On any given weekend you’ll walk through a common Argentinian neighbourhood and be overcome by the amazing smell of asado, fresh and tasty meet grilling over open flames. The secret to this falling-off-the-bone tender meat might be in the flavouring (though it’s really only barbecue salt).

The true flavour comes from the way it’s cooked, over a grill, or parilla, hot coals and an open fire.

Is it good for you? Sorry vegos, there’s not a meat-less thing in sight here. It’s rich, it’s protein-filled and it’s hearty – you really can’t go wrong.

How much does it cost? Cheap, cheap, cheap. Try your luck at getting in on a stranger’s family gathering for a truly authentic experience.

(Photo: Christian Ostrosky/Flickr)
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