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You Can Stay In This Amazing Treetop Hotel In The Amazon

You Can Stay In This Amazing Treetop Hotel In The Amazon

Just like Tarzan, you too can live nestled in the treetops of a verdant jungle. Well it might not be exactly like that, but the Ariau Amazon Towers are close enough.

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Located 50 kilometres west of the town of Manaus along the Rio Negro, the Ariau Amazon Towers sit right on the edge of the Amazon Rainforest, built among the treetops in a relatively untouched part of Brazil.

The hotel’s mission is to let its guests experience the wonders of the expansive rainforest without causing any direct harm to it. The complex is quite large, encompassing around 288 rooms connected by 8 kilometres of treetop catwalks.

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Ariau is the oldest and largest accommodation in the Amazon and there are actually no roads to get there – access to the hotel is only by boat or helicopter.

It’s actually the only complex in the Amazon rainforest that sits at tree level, so it’s not uncommon to be visited by a number of wild animals including parrots, macaws, sloths and monkeys. Be careful of your lunch – some of these guys don’t know how to share.

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Group tours are offered daily to check out the surrounding jungle, perfect for some lengthy games of animal eye-spy. All excursions are included in the price and guests can choose from jungle trekking, canoe tours, piraña fishing, alligator spotting tours, and an extra special swim with the pink dolphins that inhabit Ariau creek.

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You’ll get up close and personal with all the flora and fauna the Amazon has to offer. Ariau is a completely inclusive community with a store, restaurants and bar all at your disposal.

Packages for one, two and three night stays are offered and prices start at $894AUD per person.

(All images: Ariau Amazaon Towers)

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