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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Aligot

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Aligot

(Photo: Tavallai/Flickr)

What is it? Aligot is a fondue-like dish that combines every lazy person’s favourite things: cheese and potatoes. This is the cheesy-potato dish to end all cheesy-potato dishes.

Where can you get it? It originated in central France in a small township called L’Aubrac and can usually be found in restaurants around the Massif Central region in southern France. Ooh la la.

What’s in it? It’s basically mashed potatoes mixed with butter, cream, crushed garlic and loads of melted cheese. When ready it looks pretty similar to regular mashed potato but with a smooth almost elastic texture, like pizza dough. (Side note: can you imagine this on a pizza!?)

Is it good for you? It’s carb and dairy central, but that taste is so worth it.

How much does it cost? Not much. Serve it alongside a nice large sausage and you’ve got yourself a solid meal.

(Photo: Julien/Flickr)
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