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A Fruit Loop, Mac’N’Cheese & Bacon Hot Dog Exists

A Fruit Loop, Mac’N’Cheese & Bacon Hot Dog Exists

What is it? So you’re probably aware of the classic American pastime of heading to a baseball game and noshing down on a classic hot dog during the match. But at a Cleveland Indians game over the weekend, something unholy was unveiled unto the world: a hot dog topped with Mac N Cheese, bacon and… Fruit Loops. Oh boy.


Where can you get it? Cleveland institution, The Happy Dog.

What’s in it? Nicknamed the ‘Slider Dog’, this franken-food is topped with a generous helping of mac & cheese, applewood smoked bacon and a sprinkling of Fruit Loops. Play ball!

Is it good for you? 


How much does it cost? For $5, The Happy Dog will let you shove as many toppings as you see fit on your frank – there’s upwards of 50 topping options including chunky peanut butter, canned spaghetti and a sunny-side up fried egg. They’re really not kidding around here.

(Image: The Happy Dog/Facebook)

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