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Is This The Ultimate Travel Accessory?

Is This The Ultimate Travel Accessory?

We think a lot about the “perfect” travel accessory. Is it a leather roll that keeps your headphones tangle-free? Or maybe a hoodie with an inflatable pillow in it? More often than not, it’s all about convenience, comfort or relaxation. Now, the LayBag has gone and combined all three.


The LayBag is an ultra-lightweight inflatable air cushion that you can park your body on at the park, a festival, the beach or in your backyard. It’s compact upon deflation meaning you can take it camping, hiking or overseas with you. Think of it as a bean bag made of air; to inflate it, you wave it around a few times then capture the air with a clasp seal.

It’s like the perfect combination of a couch and a jumping castle.


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LayBag have an early bird promotion on at the moment which means you can nab one of these bad boys for about $100AUD. Hop to it.

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