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This Amazonian Eco-Lodge Is So Great

This Amazonian Eco-Lodge Is So Great

Get ready to be wowed by nature – say hello to the Napo Wildlife Centre, a luxury eco-lodge located in Ecuador’s slice of the Amazon Rainforest.

Located within the Yasuni National Park, a protected UNESCO biosphere site and the largest tract of tropical rainforest in Ecuador, the Napo Wildlife Centre gives visitors the opportunity to explore all the hidden treasures of the Amazon – and do so stylishly. Very stylishly.


The wildlife centre is the brainchild of the local Anangu Quichua community. It’s located in the community’s private reserve, so hunting and fishing is forbidden, therefore there’s a big chance you’ll get to see a great variety of wildlife throughout your stay. Anacondas, armadillos, giant otters, macaws, toucans, capybaras, monkeys and ocelots are all around, so get your eye-spy glasses on.



Guests can stay the night in one of Napo’s 16 luxury lake-side cabins – each one of them featuring a private porch surrounded by green jungle and killer views. All amenities are catered for including meals, which are traditional Ecuadorian dishes using fresh ingredients from the forest.


If bird watching is your thing – and if it isn’t now, it certainly will be – Napo has its very own canopy platform where guests can experience living in the tree-tops. The platform sits 36 metres in the sky under the canopy of a huge tree and offers spectacular scenery and abundant opps to spot wildlife. You might not know it yet, but you’re about to become very familiar with the likes of spider monkeys, aracaris, tanagers and the red-rumped cacique.

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Packages for the Napo Wildlife Centre start at $1681AUD for a three night stay, which includes air and boat transfers from Quito, plus all meals, excursions and activities.

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(All images: Napo Wildlife Centre)

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