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You Can Stay In A 65-Million-Year-Old Cave In The Grand Canyon

You Can Stay In A 65-Million-Year-Old Cave In The Grand Canyon

In the Grand Canyon, there’s a 65-million-year-old cave with no natural light, zero humidity, and a waiting list for people wanting to stay the night.

68 metres below ground, in a cave that took millions of years to form, there is a ‘room’ known as the ‘Cavern Suite’. That room is 61 metres wide, 120 metres long, and it has a 21 metre high ceiling.

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You can take the elevator 22 stories underground and spend the night in a place so quiet and dark, so large and so old, it might just have you questioning your own existence.


Story goes that nearly 100-years-ago a woodcutter names Walter Peck fell into a hole that opened into the cave network. Eerie. So what did he do? He purchased the cave, believing the glimmering walls contained gold. While it didn’t literally contain gold, Peck did manage to make money by turning it into a unique room for rent.

Located on what was once Route 66, the caverns feature an RV Park, a restaurant, and even a frisbee golf (frolf) course. The owners and operators do a pretty good job of making it spooky stating that “the only sound is your heart beating and your breath. You are the only living thing in the caverns. The only living thing.” They’re not wrong, either. Even water is hand carried down by staff on a daily basis.


The cavern comes equipped with two double beds and a library of old books and magazines, including a National Geographic collection dating back to 1917, dictionaries and other books dating back to the late 1800s. It also features a working record player for your own private cave party.

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This one of a kind experience costs $1065 AUD per night. Invite a few friends (the cave sleeps six) and it’s not too pricey. Check out their booking page for more information.

(All images: The Grand Canyon Caverns/Facebook)

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