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You Can Sleep With Bears At Canberra Zoo Now

You Can Sleep With Bears At Canberra Zoo Now

The Jamala Wildlife Lodge in Canberra’s combined Zoo and Aquarium is open for business this week, but its permanent residents have been warming the place up for you. They are bears, lions, sharks, giraffes and more.

The luxury lodge has three accommodation precincts available. All are five-star and inclusive of their own behind-the-scenes wildlife experiences. Choose from one of seven luxurious rooms inside the main Ushaka lodge, which boasts a shark tank (!!), a private pool and a spa (hopefully these are separate). There’s treehouse suites where you can hand-feed giraffes, and for the brave at heart/clinically insane, you can stay in one of the five exclusive Jungle Bungalow suites adjoining different animal enclosures, including lions, bears or cheetahs. Mere centimetres of glass separates you from these creatures when you’re chilling on the lounge, snoozing in bed or stripping off for a bath. Cover your eyes, Paddington.

Neighbourhood watch.

An “exclusive” dining experience – where you get to enjoy a three-course meal and drinks under the watchful eyes of a tiger, a snow leopard or any of the other animals in residence – is also part of the deal.

We’d be lion if we said we weren’t keen for this one. (Sorry.)

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