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Wish You Were Here: Little Palm Island Resort, Florida

Wish You Were Here: Little Palm Island Resort, Florida

Elusive exclusivity (as well as being a pretty ripper tongue-twister) is a pretty perfect way to describe the swanky Little Palm Island Resort in Florida.


Little Palm Island is so remote, you can actually only get there by boat or sea-plane. You’ll fly over from the local Florida Keys coastline and land at this small island vista for a little luxurious relaxation.


After picking up a delicious cocktail on arrival, you’ll then be able to settle into one of the island’s private bungalows. Fitted out with a king size bed, private balcony, an indoor hot tub, an outdoor bamboo shower and too many gorgeous views than you can poke a stick at, it’s basically paradise.


Keep in mind, this place is where you can really get off the grid – there are no TVs in the suites, and mobile phone use is actively discouraged around the resort. You might want to warn your friends/Instagram followers that you’ll be incommunicado for a few days – don’t worry, it’s for the best.


And if you’re worried about things to do to preoccupy your time, never fear. There’s a boutique spa, a library and a bunch of group activities like swimming with dolphins, kiteboarding and snorkelling. Or there’s even a secluded pool and lounge area for those wishing to keep things a little more low key.


Prices start at around $1290USD per night, or around $1793AUD, which includes your island transfer. Let the daydreams commence.

(All photos: Little Palm Island)

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