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You Can Now Stream Your Favourite Shows On Qantas Planes Thanks To Free Inflight Wi-Fi

You Can Now Stream Your Favourite Shows On Qantas Planes Thanks To Free Inflight Wi-Fi

Hoorah! This is very good news. Qantas customers on domestic Wi-Fi enabled flights will now be able to catch-up on very serious emails (*cough* watch cat videos) and binge to their heart’s content thanks to Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify.

Yes, we know. Prayer emojis all round. And it gets better. Internet speeds are slated to be up to 10 times faster than conventional inflight Wi-Fi so we’re talking about the good stuff here. As in, no buffering wheel interrupting a particularly tense part of Stranger Things (could you imagine? Ugh!).  You don’t have to keep avoiding the water cooler chat to avoid spoilers of Riverdale, you can just catch up on your flight. Uninterrupted.

As well as giving us the ultimate license to binge watch, Wi-Fi will give pilots access to weather patterns in real time. This means avoiding turbulence and making better use of tailwinds to make the flight smoother and quicker.

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Qantas has been doing test flights to fine tune the offering with its beta 737 aircraft going into regular service today for customers to use ahead of a rollout to about 80 domestic aircraft. Qantas Group Executive of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Olivia Wirth says:

“We know that email, online shopping and general web browsing will be popular uses when we switch on Wi-Fi, but what a lot of people relish about flying is being able to catch up on their favourite TV shows or watch movies they didn’t get to see at the cinema.”

And yes, we were wondering how you could possibly get Wi-Fi on a plane too. Check out the mind-bending process below:

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We firmly believe in two very important things in life: travel and Netflix. And now there’s no reason for anything to come between them.

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