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You Can Now Book Tickets Straight From Australia To Europe

You Can Now Book Tickets Straight From Australia To Europe

The best part about going to Europe is that you’re in freakin’ Europe: everything is fun and exciting and tastes so, so good. The worst part about going to Europe? The long, laborious process of getting there.

Now, everything about going to Europe is going to be a flawless dream because as of today, you can book a Qantas flight straight from Perth to London. Yes, really.

Aptly named The Kangaroo Route — for the relative ease it will take to ‘hop’ over to London (cute) — the flight path will begin operation on the March 24, 2018. We know, we know – we want it now! But it’s less than a year until we get to squish our excited bums down for that non-stop flight to London town. A comfortable seat at that. The brand new Boeing 787-Dreamliner has a lower seat count, comfier seats and new in-built features.


And what about for those who’re not based in Perth? Never mind, you can take a glorious stopover there on the way. It’s one of Australia’s most exciting and dynamic cities after all. Not to mention the city’s excellent beer. Plus, even if you don’t have time to stay in Perth, you’re still saving an hour of travel time compared to the typical Melbourne-Dubai-London route.


Once you hit the tarmac in London, AWOL has got you covered too. Hop over to our collection of guides for London and cities within approximately 2 hours by train as part of our Britain Unlocked series.

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We know, it’s great. Right now, if you’re super quiet, you can hear the sound of every young traveller’s ‘Woohoo’ echoing around the country.

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Want in on this sweet, sweet action? Of course you do. Book your Dreamliner flights here.

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